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Integer Technologies LLC is a science and technology company that specializes in partnering with universities to transitioning fundamental research into cutting-edge solutions for various industries. Integer focuses on creating innovative products and systems that enhance efficiency, safety, and performance in sectors such as maritime, subsea operations, and unmanned vehicle technologies.


Integer Technologies LLC is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to meet the evolving needs of our clients, making Integer a trusted partner for advanced solutions in their respective fields. See some of our currently transitioning technology products.


Revolutionizing UUV Operations


A groundbreaking 'operational digital twin' that transforms UUV operations, elevating mission success rates while alleviating communication burdens.


Revolutionizing USV Operations


A maritime perception system that employs image sensors and semantic segmentation directly onboard a remote marine platform. VAIDAR enables autonomous collision and threat avoidance. The system autonomously detects and determines range and bearing to navigational hazards, significantly reducing communication burdens and minimizing latency compared to human in-the-loop remote monitoring of video feeds.

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