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Our Mission

We exist to create a safer world by translating scientific discoveries into reliable products that address urgent national security needs... at the speed of relevance.

The competition is always evolving. So are we.

Our Story


Integer Technologies was founded to support U.S. national security customers by equipping them with world-class technology. We do this by accelerating the development of scientific research into fielded systems that keep our country safe.

After spending years working in both the "open" and "divergent" world of academic scientific research and the "closed" and "convergent" world of developing products for national security customers, it was clear that each side had value to offer the other, but that neither fully understood or knew how to work with the other. We observed that the gap between universities as a primary source of innovation and intellectual capital and national security customers and problem sets is being addressed only partially by other entities.

Enter Integer Technologies.


Our mission is to bridge these two worlds by performing applied scientific research and development of novel technology solutions, while staying focused on addressing specific national security needs. The best concepts that emerge from research are developed into reliable products that give our customers the edge. Our customers' missions are the focus and guiding light for our innovation. They are also the great equalizer and litmus test for all our work. It's one thing to do great research and make a new discovery... it's another thing to prove its utility by putting that research into action.

To accomplish this mission, we partner with top research universities to bring the most promising innovations from academia into our customers' hands through collaborative applied research. We are deeply integrated with our university partners, which enables us to develop new concepts into functional prototypes faster than the competition, recruit top talent from academia, and reward our employees with the thrill of working on a team that is on the cutting-edge of their research field.

Integer's core values guide how we engage our customers, develop new ideas, manage our time, make decisions, and strengthen the team that we love being a part of. We offer a place where bright minds and a passion for your work come together to create useful new technologies and products for our customers. We care about the growth and welfare of every employee and want each to be energized by their work and enjoy a heightened sense of impact from being part of a high-performing team.


Do these values describe you?

  • You build trust with every interaction. You understand that meaningful, trusting relationships are the foundation of everything we do.

  • You are honest and act in the best interests of our customers, our team, and our company, even when no one is looking.

  • You give respectful, candid feedback to your team and company leadership, even if it is difficult or uncomfortable.

  • You prioritize the long-term relationship with the customer and your team above self-interests.

  • You only say things about fellow employees that you would say to their face.

  • Fun fact: Our company was named after the root word of this value. Yes... it's that important to us.

  • You have a bias for action, and naturally act with speed and a sense of urgency to accomplish your goals, no matter how small or how large.

  • You strive for perfection but are never paralyzed by the search for it.

  • You break down ambitious goals into measurable milestones, and track your own progress.

  • You admit when something isn't working, and seek the help of your team to help you pivot and find a way forward.

  • You are insatiably curious and crave to know the 'why' behind how things work.

  • You are very knowledgeable in your area of expertise... but you also want to stretch yourself by tackling things you've never done before.

  • You strive to see things from the perspective of others, especially the customer and your colleagues.

  • You fearlessly seek input from all stakeholders, and you view critical feedback as an opportunity to improve rather than a threat to your ego.

  • You listen to the customer intently, seek to understand them, and let their needs guide your decisions.

  • You consider everyone's voice, regardless of their position in the company.

  • You question your own assumptions of how things should be done, and experiment with new approaches.

  • You collaborate effectively with people of different backgrounds and points of view.

  • You do what you say you are going to do.

  • You are driven to see your projects through to completion promptly.

  • You can articulate the impact your work has on the customer, the company, and your team.

  • You help your teammates to become better and accomplish team goals.

  • You have a positive, energetic attitude and genuinely care about the work you are doing and the people you work with. 

  • You have a great sense of humor!


We spend 25% of our lives at work. Life is too short to spend it with people who don't share your core values, or for dull, uninspiring work. At Integer, we believe that fulfillment at work comes from being on a team with people who have a passion to build something of lasting value, and who love a good challenge. We work hard and have fun doing it.


Our vision is to build a team of motivated, open-minded people who collectively support and challenge each other to become the most effective versions of themselves. A-Teams thrive in an environment of mutual trust and respect, where everyone knows they can depend on their coworkers, and where new ideas can be safely expressed, tested, developed, and deployed at speed. We strive to create this environment by aligning all business functions and resources to support the work of our technologists and product developers, who in turn delight our customers by delivering outstanding work.


We are hiring! 

Culture and Values

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Duke Hartman pic.png
Duke Hartman, P.E.
CEO & Cofounder

Duke is a professional engineer who has focused his career in the maritime and defense industries, leading R&D and product development efforts. Before launching Integer, Duke led the business development efforts for a successful defense R&D, engineering, and software development company, and was the head of university and strategic partnerships for a growth stage defense company. 

Duke earned his bachelor's in mechanical engineering from the University of Hawaii. He grew up on Oahu's beautiful North Shore and loves surfing and being on the ocean. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with his wife and three children.

Josh Knight pic.png
Josh Knight, Ph.D.
COO & Cofounder

Josh is Integer's lead scientist and D.C.-based government customer interface. Prior to launching Integer, Josh built and managed high-performance R&D teams for a growth stage small business in the defense sector. He has been Principal Investigator for multiple R&D projects. As former VP of Technology Development, Josh led the capture of major defense R&D programs.

Josh earned a bachelor's from Princeton University and master's and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in engineering, where he also enjoyed playing rugby. He's lived in nine different states, and currently resides in northern Virginia near Washington D.C. with his wife and children.

Strategic Advisors

Brendan Conlon
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Brendan Conlon is Vice Chairman at an international cyber security services firm defending organizations against sophisticated attackers and advanced threats. Brendan is a former Naval Officer, operational group chief for the NSA, having served three tours in Afghanistan performing offensive cyber ops, and startup founder and CEO. He holds a B.S. degree from the Naval Academy and a M.S. degree from Johns Hopkins University, both in computer science.

Timm Johnson
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Timm Johnson is Integer's lead advisor for finance and startup operations. Timm has over 28 years of experience advising  both startups and fortune 500 companies on strategy, marketing, finance, and operations. As an experienced CFO, Timm led several companies – from business formation and strategy, venture capital acquisition, business operations management and exit.

John-Thielst-USE THIS ONE-BW.png
John Thielst
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

John Thielst has over 41 years of practical, consulting and corporate experience in subsea, offshore, oil & gas, and marine engineering and is the Vice President, Managing Principal of Coffman Engineers, Inc. Honolulu office. John's practical experience with U.S. Government contracting and engineering services, especially in the Indo-Pacific region, will be an asset to Integer's growing engineering team.

Dana Knight-Reyes, Ph.D.
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Dana Knight-Reyes, Ph.D., is the COO of Knight Nicastro McKay LLC. She has first-hand experience building the operations functions for a rapid-growth startup, with an emphasis on healthy culture and sound human resources. Dana advises Integer on human resources strategy, legal compliance, culture, and communications.

Steve Gladis, Ph.D.
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Steve Gladis, Ph.D., has fifteen years of experience coaching founders and executives to be successful leaders. Steve is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and later served with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before launching his consulting practice. Steve brings broad connections to the D.C. / Capital Region entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Science Advisors

Matthew Collette
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Associate Professor,

University of Michigan


Subject matter expertise in:

   Digital twins & sensing

   System health monitoring

David Singer
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Associate Professor,

University of Michigan


Subject matter expertise in:

   Digital engineering

   Advanced concept design


Nick Reese
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Sr. Launch Engineer,


Subject matter expertise in:

   Marine automation

   Launch & recovery systems

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