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Integer Technologies Contracted to Create Strategic Technology Roadmaps for the Office of Naval Research

COLUMBIA, S.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Integer Technologies announced today that the Office of Naval Research (ONR) has selected the South Carolina-based engineering firm to create three unique roadmaps—a Naval Power Systems (NPS) Science and Technology (S&T) Roadmap, an Expeditionary Energy (E2) S&T Roadmap, and a Naval Diversity Equity and Inclusion Workforce Development (NDEI-WD) Roadmap.

“This assessment of needs for both technology and workforce development will help to inform the Office of Naval Research’s strategy in science & technology research and people,” said Integer Chief Operating Officer Josh Knight, Ph.D. “We are ready to lead this comprehensive collaboration between government, academia, and industry that will address future fleet capability needs and plan transformative innovation.”

The Naval Power Systems (NPS) Science and Technology (S&T) Roadmap will identify basic and applied research needs across multiple power and energy (P&E) technology areas, and the Expeditionary Energy (E2) S&T Roadmap will outline a similar research framework for the energy systems that will support future expeditionary force operations conducted by the Navy and Marine Corps.

The two S&T roadmaps will also address how investments in P&E research can support the Navy’s broader goals and meet the existential challenges that wait on the horizon. These include identifying how technology development can build climate resilience into Navy platforms and how that development can accommodate increasing risks to international supply chains.

“In the coming decades, the U.S. Navy Fleet and Expeditionary Forces will see an influx of new technologies that enable the successful completion of their evolving national security and humanitarian missions,” said Knight. “It is crucial that the power and energy systems deployed with the future forces are able to support those advanced solutions.”

In addition to investing in a broad range of technology development efforts, the Naval Research Enterprise (NRE) cannot accomplish its mission without a diverse workforce to complete it. The Navy, along with other groups in academia and industry, have implemented multiple strategies to increase the diversity of their workforce. The Naval Diversity Equity and Inclusion Workforce Development (NDEI-WD) Roadmap will outline an ONR-wide strategy for stabilizing and strengthening the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce across the NRE.

About Integer Technologies

Integer is a science and technology company founded to support U.S. national security customers by equipping them with world-class technology. This is done by providing subject matter expertise, research and development services, consultation, and software products for both crewed and uncrewed vessels. Visit for more information.

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