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Integer welcomes Jay Liu as an Intern on our engineering team

Jay is currently a third-year mechanical engineering undergraduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he is also pursuing a minor in chemistry. This is his first co-op block, and he will be spending 7 months with us to gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom.

Jay’s previous internships include research-oriented work at the McNair Lab at the University of South Carolina and the Marine Biological Institute at Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

At Integer, Jay will be focused on developing sensors for naval applications using data analysis in Python and other engineering calibration techniques. He will be working out of Integer’s offices and USC’s McNair Lab in Columbia, SC.  

“The small, tightknit community here almost feels like a family,” said Jay. “Everyone is open to sharing their experience and knowledge. As a person who loves knowing random little bits of information this aspect of Integer really appeals to me.”

As an engineer, Jay likes to tinker in his spare time. Building computers, keyboards, and modifying nerf blasters are some of his favorite pastimes. He also enjoys photography with astrophotography, landscape, and sports photography among his favorite subjects. 

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